Friday, August 03, 2007

Week in Review!

It has been quite a week and the tragedy that has struck so close to home has been consuming our news and been on the forefront of everyones minds. How grateful I am that the death tolls were not a great deal higher, we are SO blessed and lucky considering the time of day and the amount of traffic that travels over that bridge. The stories that have been coming out have been touching. Ways that fellow Minnesotans have come to the aid of others is very wonderful. I guess that is where the whole Minnesota nice comes in.

We have had an extremely busy week, the boy and I. Monday night the boy and I spent the night at my house for the first time in quite some time. It was pretty hot. . .we went to Chipotle and grabbed a couple of burritos, some chips and guac. Have you ever been to a Chipotle?

I love Mexican, and love their burritos, but I have NO idea how any one person can eat a whole one in one sitting. They are HUGE! Even the thought of one SITTING in my stomach makes me feel ILL! We got to work doing some projects at my house and getting it ready for the weekend for the boys niece.

On Tuesday we met up with J & S from wine club for a wine tasting at Tasteful Table in Stillwater, MN. We had really good time and Pam from Tasteful Table does such a wonderful job with the presentation (and taste) of her food.

It was a beautiful evening and the boy and I have been wanting to spend more time in Stillwater, it is SUCH a quaint little town right on the river. We made plans to have dinner with J & S from wine club in Stillwater again in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday it was really hot, and we had the bridge collapse, a tough day. The boy and I went to Broders Pasta Bar and had a really nice dinner. They have a great summer special where between 5 and 6 you get olives, bread, salad for two, two entrees and a a half carafe of wine for $25. The food is delicious and it is a great little place right in my neighborhood.

We worked on projects at my place some more, it is almost getting photo worthy. Do any of you have any experience with doing furniture upholstery. I have two pieces I need to have re-upholstered, but it is SO expensive, so I am wondering if I could do it myself. My cousin told me that his wife got a DVD from the library and did it herself, I am thinking about giving that a try. . . .

Last night we headed out to yet another place we had yet to try, the Edina Grill. It is in the 50th and France area, very close to my house and a great little neighborhood.

We were headed to see the premiere of Becoming Jane which opens today with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. I had been looking forward to this movie and it did not disappoint. A great story of love and loss and a great look into a very historical and treasured authors life. Please check it out if you have a chance.

We actually were lucky enough to be treated to a free dessert. Nummy, warm cookies with dipping sauces. Can you even imagine? Chocolate, dark chocolate chip, which chocolate and macadamia nut and snickerdoodle cookies with chocolate and raspberry mousse dipping sauces. I could get used to those. We rarely order dessert so this was such a treat! The food was also very good, we shared an appetizer of pirogies with potato and cheddar cheese and shared the chicken salad and fish and chips. The boy of course wants to go back for the meatloaf sandwich.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The boys niece is spending the weekend with us. We are planning on heading to an art fair, brunch, Ikea and a polo match. I am sure there will be some good eats and other surprises in store as well!

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Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Yes, I've been to Chipotle and I do eat the entire burrito! Embarrassed to say it! I get the veggie & black bean (if that makes it any better). ;)

I can't wait to see Becoming Jane!

Sounds like a great week and a great weekend to come! Enjoy.