Thursday, July 12, 2007

Would You Rather?

Last week over the fourth, we spent some time over the campfire and just hanging out reading "Would You Rather?" questions from a book I have, so I thought I would bring this to you guys and see if it sparked the kind of interest that it did with all of us. I am starting out easy.

Would You Rather... Run a mile on a 6-inch deep bed of potatoes or… swim a quarter mile through maple syrup 12 feet deep?

Now do you go with your instinct or does this require some thought?

I am not a fan of maple syrup, never have been, unless it is the real good thick stuff. I do like potatoes, but not running. 6-inches is not too deep, and a mile not too far, so I think I will have to go with the potatoes. How about you?


tulipmom said...

How can you go wrong when you're choosing between long lost carbs?!
I'd have to pick the maple syrup. When it's this hot out I just can't stomach the thought of running.

lisagh said...

I'm going to go with the swimming as well... it's not the potatoes or syrup that has me choosing... I just HATE running!

Anonymous said...

Going with the syrup! The running sounds way hard.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Too funny! I would definitely do the maple syrup (I love it) as I can swallow the syrup as I go making the depth, not so deep!

Meg said...

I'm going with the potatoes. Much as I love to swim, I'm thinking the syrup would make me sick by the end of the quarter mile. And I'd probably never want to eat it again (which would be a shame).

Libby said...

I was going to say syrup, by Meg raises a very good point. So I think I'll take the potatoes.