Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Recap!

We could not have asked for a better weekend, and thankfully it was a much needed restful relaxing one.

When the boy got home from work I was at his house already packed and raring to go. We had to stop at the grocery store on our way out of town for a couple of essentials, and we went to a store I typically do not like at all, and the checkouts take forever (which they did) but we got in and out of there pretty quickly and it wasn't too bad. It was VERY hot out, in the 90's and humid and we could not wait to get up to the lake for a dip.

It started raining pretty hard on our way up. They had predicted rain, but not until much later in the evening. So we decided instead of making dinner after getting up to the lake, unpacking, going for a swim (hopefully) that we would just stop and get a bite to eat on the way up. I was NOT all that excited about this because I know the route and know what is available along the way. Well, we talked about Castaways, which has zero ambiance. It is on a lake, a pretty big and well known lake here in MN. However, the dining room overlooks a park full of RV's and trailers and people swilling beer in tanktops at their campfires (seriously, you can hear people belching loudly while you eat). Now, I don't mind the little hole in the wall place where the food may be exceptional, however this is not the case with this place. The food is so-so and I worry about where they refrigerate things. The boy loves the broasted chicken there. I think broasted chicken may be a MN thing, I have never seen it anywhere and I am not a huge fan. To tell you the truth I just am not a huge fan of bones in my chicken, it gets so messy. This place also has a bar in front where the smell of cigarette smoke just wafts back to you. I don't mind a bar with cigarette smoke, or a smoking section in a restaurant, but this is completely different. SO, we talked about stopping there. Well along the way, we had passed this place before on Ann Lake. There are always a ton of cars and bikes outside, so we thought what the heck. As we walked in, it started to rain harder. We walked through the bar to the dining room which was in the back and completely separated with french doors. The dining room was very quaint and all of the tables overlooked the patio and the lake. The storm had really come in and it was so fun to sit and watch. This place had broasted chicken as well. We had a soda and lemonade and watched the lake and the rain come down all by the light of the little candle on our table. Dinner arrived, I had a California burger with fries, delish, the boy his broasted chicken which was HUGE and he said the best broasted chicken ever. As we left after paying our $25 tab (including tip) there was a band setting up for some live music. We will definitely be back. The weekend was starting off very well.

We got up, unpacked and settled in for a little HGTV (the boys favorite and neither of us have cable at home). We woke up the next morning to a beautiful day, cannot wait to get outside and enjoy it. We went for our walk and got back deciding what to do for the day, ummm, how about sitting, relaxing, talking and taking in some sun?

Sounds good to me! I grilled up some lunch, we just relaxed and hung out. At one point though, the boy decided to take down some birds nest that had been built on a big flood light over the back door and patio, and another one (which as it turned out had eggs in it :(. . . .). While we were sitting enjoying the afternoon, I happened to notice some traffic going in and out from underneath the back deck, where the stereo speakers are. So, he gets his little broom out and takes a swipe. Well as it turns out this time, there were three baby birds in this nest. I will not make this long and drawn out, we were worried about them, but their parents built a new nest for them in the field next door, they came and fed them throughout the weekend while they built their new home. They all moved in before we left yesterday and they are safe and sound. It was a little tough though, they were very cute.

We had a very nice grilled steak dinner (neither of us have a grill at home, so we take full advantage) and then settled in for some more HGTV (we are SO lame). We did watch this one show, I think it was on A&E or TLC though, where they turned their backyard into Alice in Wonderlands playground. Who does this people? They don't even have kids. The boy was very disgusted, he could not believe that people would spend good money on this!

Sunday we walked around the whole lake which is about 6 miles. When we woke up it was a little overcast so we decided a good walk would be in order. It was the perfect thing to do and made us feel as though we had "done" something so that we could spend the rest of the day vegging. AFTER we took care of the lawn and yard which we did. We won't be up there for another two weeks so we had to make sure that everything was in order and taken care of. We made lists of things we wanted to make and bring up when we will be up there for a week over the fourth of July. I think we both enjoy spending a lot of time up there and the weekends while we enjoy them, feel to short!A whole week will be nice! After another grilled lunch. . .we took the pontoon out for our library on the water as the boy called it.

We spend the next 5 1/2 hours motoring to one side of the lake, and just drifting back,

a jump in the lake to cool off,

a nap

one stop dockside to refill the cooler and finally back into shore for a final dinner and clean up. We did not get on the road until after 9:00 PM, so we really did take full advantage. Back to the real world now today. Oh well, I could not have asked for a better more relaxing weekend with better company! It was just what the doctor ordered!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Looks like you got that relaxing weekend after all. So glad you had a great time!

Libby said...

Jilly! I love seeing all these pictures! They're all such classic shots and both of you look so happy and relaxed, it's fantastic. And your description of dinner during the storm is wonderful.