Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Recap!

Whew! What a weekend! It was a great weekend though.

Friday the boy and I went to see Spiderman 3 which we both really enjoyed! If you have seen the other two, I think this one is just as good if not better. I know that it has been getting mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it and was entertained. Before the movies we went and grabbed some pizza which was good, it had been a while since we had pizza. It was a bad food week for the boy and I last week. I did not cook dinner one night last week. We had a lot going on, and while we did eat at some really great places, I don't enjoy weeks like that where I don't get to cook. I think cooking may be my creative outlet :).

The boy had drills this weekend, so no estate sales. But I did go to a fantastic auction with my dad. We had SO much fun. My dad is a lot of fun in general, but at auctions he is especially fun. We got there early and scoped out the wares that would be peddled. There was some neat stuff and some things that we were really curious to see how high they would go for. The boy's parents had gotten the auction flyer in the mail and had passed it along to me thinking it might be of interest. There were a lot of antiques and collectibles. A lot of Red Wing pottery, crocks, I am not really into those, but it was interesting to see how high some of them went. There was also a lot of Royal Copley, Hull and McCoy, so that was fun to look at. I did wind up with some fantastic finds.

The boy is "safe" at the moment due to his high blood pressure, although it is constantly changing. It looks though right now like he is not going to go with the other people in his unit that leave June 3rd. That is the last of his unit though. He will be the only one in his unit not to be deployed. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out. But I do have my fingers crossed.

It was cold and rainy so there were not a ton of people there even though it was inside. After we had both loaded up our trucks (I call my SUV a truck, oh well) I headed over to pick the kids up for a movie and dinner. They were so excited they had their shoes and coats on before I even got to the door. We had a really good time, they loved seeing a movie in 3-D and afterwards we had a really nice dinner and a lot of fun. They make me laugh so much with just silly little antics, but they are also SO cute!

Sunday I got up and did the 5K walk for Wishes & More® it was VERY cold and windy, but somehow we struggled through and it was a good walk! There were only four of us that showed up and we didn't finish the walk until after 12:15, so we decided to skip brunch, we all had a lot to do and I knew that if I stopped or slowed down for a glass of vino at that hour I was not going to get to the million things I needed to get done at home.

Remember this chair?

Well now it looks like this.

I love watching their transformations. Not bad for a free chair. We put some paint on it, and the boy and I got a great deal on the fabric, not a bad deal!

We headed up to the boys parents house for dinner later, with our new favorite summer vino. It is a very light refreshing white from Portugal called Pavao and it has a peacock on the label. A very reasonable bottle at about $8.99 a bottle. I had picked up a few last week, but we talked about it last night and decided that this would not be a bad one to have a case of up at the lake, so I will be getting in touch with my friend Chris over at Winestyles to see about a case purchase. I already get a 10% discount there due to the wine club, I think a case discount is 15-20% so that would be a good purchase. I also know after speaking with him about this wine this week that it is not going to be very easy to get in about a month or two. We had a really nice dinner of steaks on the grill, followed up by some good vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries for dessert, numm!

So did anyone catch the Derby? WOW, what a great derby! We watched it last night since we all had missed it on Saturday. WOW, what a great derby, I was SO happy!

How about Amazing Race All-Stars? I was VERY surprised at the outcome. Eric and Danielle were clearly the underdogs. Going into it they were the only team to never have raced together before. They were the ONLY team to be yielded and they were yielded TWICE. They had a TON of flight problems and issues, while they were not MY team, I had the blonde's, I was happy to see them win.

Lot's to do this week, I am going to try to tackle the majority of my Ta-Da list. I am finally to the point where if I add one more thing to it, I am going to be SICK of looking at it, we will see how I do, wish me luck! But, the good part is, if I can get a lot of it done, there may be some new pics! This coming weekend we are headed back up to the lake, so I NEED to get a lot done this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Kimba said...

That is one busy Jilly, those kids are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a whirlwind weekend! I found out this weekend a Winestyles just opened in our area, excited to go check it out.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Sounds like you had another fabulous weekend! Kids=cute!

hqm said...

Great chair!!!
Your kids are really sweet, too!

Libby said...

Busy, busy weekend! How funny are the kiddos all lined up with their 3-D glasses on! D. can't wait to see spiderman, but I told him not on my birthday!

Like everything you redo, the chair looks terrific.

Very good news about Man.

J said...

The photo of you and the little guy at the top is so cute!