Friday, May 04, 2007

This Weekend!

It has been a very busy week. Lot's going on.

Wednesday night the boy and I went to see the premiere of the movie The Waitress. It was a really good movie and the theater was pretty crowded. There were a lot of people laughing out loud throughout the movie so I think that was a good sign as well. The writer/director who was also one of the main characters, Adrienne Shelly was killed at the end of the filming of the movie, very sad and tragic tale. We had a really good dinner at D'Amico and Sons. We split two wonderful sandwiches and had a nice mixed green salad with it, but the best part, I found out that the location we were at, serves a bottomless glass of house wine for $5.99. Yes, I did take advantage of that.

Thursday I had an interesting phone call. There may be more on that at a later date, but for now I need to keep things hush hush. The proprietor of Sacre Bleau stopped by my house on Thursday to do a little in-home tasting with a couple of members from my wine club. He and his wife brought six varietals to taste and they were all wonderful. I will be "tasting" some more in the future, that is for sure.

Tonight we are off to see Spidey 3, can't wait! I have been looking forward to this one coming out, so it should be good. Tomorrow I am going to hit some golf balls with my dad and then we are off to an auction. Should be fun, the boy has drills, otherwise I know he would be there with us. After that I will be taking my niece and nephews to dinner and to see Meet the Robinson's in 3-D so that my sister and her husband can get out to celebrate their anniversary, 11 years, wow. I always love getting to spend time with the kids anyway, so this is a treat for me too! Then, IF, I still have any energy left, I will meet some friends for a pub crawl.

Sunday is a walk for Wishes and More and then brunch at Stella's Fish Cafe where there is a benefit going on for Rock the Cause with the proceeds going to The Bridge an organization for runaway youth. Usual Sunday night dinner with the boy's mom and dad and The Amazing Race All Star Edition, my girls are still in it, think they will win? It is going to be a busy weekend! How about yours? Do you think I can squeeze a pedicure in there anywhere?


workinthatpreppy said... do have a busy weekend ahead. have fun!

tulipmom said...

Maybe if you don't sleep :) My gosh, you have a busy weekend. Sounds like lots of fun, too. Enjoy!