Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Crazy in the family?

(Picture is from last summer 4th of July up at a lake they were at I am NOT that tan or blond at the moment. . . my sister likes to dress them alike, you can tell Jack, the oldest is THRILLED.)

So does everyone have that crazy in the family? You know the one that you talk about and you say "oh you know, Crazy Uncle Harold"? Well, I am the crazy. My sister and I agreed that I would be the crazy a while back when she first started having kids. And in my defense, since there are only two of us it was a little easier to narrow down, but her kids need to have the crazy in the family and we figured we might as well start them early.

Now by crazy, I don't mean really crazy, I just mean a little off, a little nutty, a little quirky. E has those kooks she calls her family, that is kind of what I mean. When my sister and I were growing up we had our Aunt Gladys, she wasn't really our aunt, I think she was my mom's second cousin, or her mom's cousin or something, but we called her Auntie Gladys. She was always looking for her keys and asking us if we took them. Then she would always find them pinned to her bra. She always had cookies for us and she was wonderful to visit with. Of course now my sister and I think we have a few crazies, but it is all good. Well, since I am the designated crazy, her kids, my niece and nephews below, who I adore, call me Crazy Auntie Jilly, which is fine because to tell you the truth, sometimes I am a little off (my rocker). Well, the kids don't really get that it might not be a good thing to do in public. When I took them to the movies and dinner this weekend, they called me crazy Auntie Jilly all the time, I don't think anything of it. But I did get a few looks. I don't mind though.

I always keep candy of some sort in my pocketbook for the kids, they always know that I have it there for them. I also always have fun things for them to do. I am not a mom, nor will I ever be, but I still enjoy doing all of the fun things with them. A big part of the reason why I moved back to MN after being away for so long was to that I could be a bigger part of their lives. Go to the soccer practices, the gymnastic lessons, have lunch at school with them and stuff. I am so glad that I am the crazy in their lives, its not such a bad title to carry.


Kim said...

How's it going?

Libby said...

I think it's wonderful that you are the crazy, I'm sure Aunt Gladys would be very proud! I have a crazy Aunt Moe who we use to call Tant Fou-Fou which just means Aunt Crazy! I love her like mad, as I'm sure your sister's kids do you!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a little nuts in their life :)

Kimba said...

Nothing better than actually being the crazy one! I think my family would agree it's yours truly!