Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blood Pressure. . . mine is on the rise!

I cannot tell you how aggravating the Navy can be. Right now, at this moment we are WAITING to find out whether the boy leaves May 13th or June 3rd. . . or wait, maybe not at all. He had his blood pressure taken by the Navy today and it was 138/90, which they consider to be within the normal range but everything else you read says borderline high. I don't know, all I do know is that I wish he would either stay or go. We can't make plans for the summer at all because we don't even know if he will be here. I catch myself saying things like "well, this summer, when we are up at the lake . . . ." but meanwhile, who knows if he will even be here. It is just aggravating and it puts me on an emotional roller coaster, but at the same time, it also makes me appreciate and treasure every moment we have together right now.

So tonight a couple of friends are coming over for dinner. I am going to try out a tilapia recipe. I didn't get to make dinner for the boy and I last night. I got sucked into baby-sitting and playing with the new kitten longer than I had anticipated and by the time I got back to the boys we popped some popcorn, watched a little L & O and sacked out.

We have a million and one things of course that we want to do this weekend, but one of them is checking out our friends new Winestyles store. They are having the grand opening on Saturday and I cannot wait! Of course there are many projects that need to be done as well, but those will most likely need to wait as the lake calls! I cannot wait to get up there and just relax and it is supposed to be a beautiful weather weekend as well!

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Thursday already, not sure where the week has gone. I guess I will have to post what I am digging this week tomorrow!

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