Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

And along with that I think come my allergies! I am not sure, but I think it is allergies, I used to have them when I lived here when I was a kid, and I think they are back. We will see what the allergist says, but I woke up during the night Friday and had a sore throat and was congested. Took some stuff though, so at least I was finally able to fall back asleep and then sleep through the night.

We saw "The Namesake" Thursday night which was a great movie. Great message and very interesting. We all enjoyed it. Friday we had our soup cook-off in the office. I made a strawberry dessert soup thinking that it would be something different, but unfortunately I did not place. There were some great soups though. I stuck to all of the meatless ones, but the beer cheese, broccoli cheddar and beet soups were fabulous.

Friday night was beautiful here so the boy and I decided to skip the movie and hang out on one of the rooftop bars in Uptown instead. It was a beautiful evening and we had fun just people/car watching and planning our weekend. We went back to my place and ordered a cheese pizza and watched Elizabethtown which I had never seen. I really think Orlando Bloom is handsome.

Saturday morning we hit five estate sales and neither of us found any treasures, but we did have a good time. Then we hit the road and headed to Red Wing, MN. Red Wing, MN is famous for both their shoes and their pottery, but we were not interested in either of those. We just wanted to check out a different area and get away. It is only about an hour from my house, but we decided to spend the night at a B & B down there and the boy took care of all of the details. It was kind of an early birthday celebration for me. He had champagne waiting in our room as well as a special basket of cheese and crackers which I loved. The Inn was fabulous too, very quaint and cozy, but the bathrooms were all very new and modern and had great ammenities, ours had a fabulous rain shower which I loved and now of course want one of my own. We poked around in town a bit, had a nice dinner and then headed back. This cold/allergy thing was really kicking my butt. Sunday we woke up and had breakfast with the other guests who were really nice. The breakfast was fabulous as well, a ton of really good food and you could tell that the owner took great care in all of the details, when we got in on Saturday night, there was even a plate of fresh warm cookies waiting for us! I would go back and stay there again in a heartbeat. We hit some of the antique shops Sunday, spending the day just lazily poking around. We both found some really fun things, but of course neither of us can even remember most of what we bought because it all got wrapped up and packed so quickly. We will be spending tonight unpacking and going through our treasures. We stopped by my place on our way back and picked up the leather chair to take to the boys. I replaced it with the two off white chairs that I found a couple of weeks back, now I just need to find the right couch. . . .I will know it when I see it!

We went up to his parents for dinner which was nice and of course we had to watch the finale of Grease! You are the one that I want! to see if the hometown favorite Laura would win, and of course she did, so that was fun. As we were sitting having dinner, they had the back doors open, and a heard of about 7 deer went traipsing through the back yard, that was fun. This week, back at the client site and learning a lot. It is supposed to get up to 76 here today so I can hardly wait to get home and get out for a walk around the lake. The boy and I have dinner planned which is good and I have a ton of laundry to do. I also need to make sure that I have more of my transition wear more readily available and think about packing away the winter wear. But again, it is only supposed to get up to 40 this weekend. MN weather. Go figure. Hope you all had a good weekend, and I will be posting some pictures of some treasures tomorrow I am sure!

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Libby said...

Your weekend in Red Wing sounds delightful! And FIVE estate sales, my goodness, you two know how to work them!

ps: no doubt the strawberry soup was given honorable mention in lieu of a ribbon!