Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow Day!!! Oh Wait, not for me!

So last night the boy and I were all cozy with a fire, I made some tasty beef stroganoff, we watched some TV. I did some work on my laptop, had a glass of wine, very nice, and the snow just kept falling, and falling, and falling. So I figured for sure there would be no work for me today. He got the call at 10:10 that his office was closed. All of the schools had already been closed, so surely I would not have to go into work, especially when I can work from home. . .ahhh, but no. You see I am a newbie. So I made the trek in after digging my car out, and I was NONE too pleased. I REALLY want this snow to go away!!!! I am SO ready for spring and to walk after work around the lakes. I have had ENOUGH of winter. I think we got 18 inches yesterday. Boy oh boy!

It is restaurant week here in Minneapolis, and tonight I have reservations for us at I am looking forward to it. Afterwards we are off to see Wild Hogs. We decided after this week that seeing something more upbeat should be on the menu. Tomorrow we are off to WI for a wedding. My friends Joey and Chuck (Joey is a girl) actually got married February 3rd in Mexico, but they are having a big reception. It should be a lot of fun and I will get to see a lot of people I have not seen in a while. Nice to get away for the weekend too, I just hope the weather cooperates with us!

I am sure I will have photos and stories from the weekend. And I do have pics of the snow, I just don't have the do-hickey here with me, so look for those to come later. Hope you all have a good weekend! Okay the photo of me is AFTER I brushed my car off, realized that I had to go to work and the boy did NOT!


Meg said...

Two comments -

First, I'm with you on the's not good to wish the time away, but come on already..!

Second, beef stroganoff. YUM!!!

Libby said...

I'm laughing over here, cranky does not even begin to describe how you look in that picture!

jillskict said...

Meg, I will have to send you my easy schmeazy recipe, I love it and it is just the easiest thing!

Libby, I make that face at the boy who laughs at me hysterically, he died laughing when I showed it to him and said he needed a poster size. He asked if I had to make the face or if I just really felt that way. I told him all I had to do was think of him in my nice warm house while I was outside brushing my car off, tromping through the snow and the face just happened!