Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Girls Slumber Party!

So Friday afternoon the boy and I went to this very interesting estate sale. It was at a mansion that was once owned by one of the brewers in town here and then an eccentric woman took it over. It was four floors full of STUFF that is for sure. We found a couple of interesting items, nothing really special, but it was really fun to look at the house. He went to see 300 at the Imax with his friend, I had no desire to go and see that, so instead, my sister came over with my 6 year old niece Gracie for a sleep over, our first one with just the girls! It was really fun. Gracie had packed her bag the day before and had lot's of good stuff in there! I had special pink slumber party pajama's for her, all girls must wear pink p.j.'s during a slumber party of course! She put them on right away while my sister and I ordered pizza from Galactic Pizza. Their drivers deliver the pizza in little electric cars dressed in Super Hero costumes so I thought that Gracie would get a kick out of that, and she did! I wish I would have taken a picture, I am bummed that I didn't because she and the driver carried on quite the conversation. The pizza was really good to boot!

Saturday we woke up and hit a couple of estate sales, nothing exciting and it wasn't the same without the boy, but he had drills. After he was done with drills we went to the benefit for our friend Brian that passed away which was very nice. They had a huge turnout, we got there later than planned and had to park four blocks away, and that was after they filled three parking lots!

Sunday I got a ton crossed off of my "ta-da" list! Between laundry and organizing closets, organizing my table linens, taking out my Easter decorations and resetting my dining room table. It was great to get so much done, but of course there is always more to do. I am really looking forward to going through all of my clothes and getting my closet organized. I got some great ideas from Lisagh for organizing the back of my closet door with accessories and such. I am thinking this weekend, but we will see. The number of projects I have are really adding up! Spring is right around the corner here, it got up to 57 yesterday, the boy and I went for a 30 block walk which was great and it felt so good to get outside and just do something. The Get Fit club just posted our results for February and we are up a little as far as weight goes, but in our defense, February was such a cold month, I am sure there was a lot of comfort food eaten by the boys. The girls were down as far as weight went, including myself, but not by much. I am sure things will pick up the next couple of months. Our activity points were good. I hope we win a prize.

I made the salmon recipe that Erin shared with me last month for the boys parents Sunday night. I love the recipe and it was a huge hit. His parents just got back from a two week trip to Mazatlan and had a really good time and came back with some beautiful color. My parents left shortly after the funeral for AZ where they usually spend the whole winter and I know they were really looking forward to getting down to some warm weather. Well it has been in the 90's pretty much the whole time, and they just love to call and rub it in! I am sure they will come back with some really nice color as well. Meanwhile, I am looking a bit transparent. I think it just makes me feel healthier when I have a little color. Electric beach, do I hear you calling my name?

The boy and I are headed to the Timberwolves game tonight, they are playing the Pacers and with Hoops fever happening everywhere this should put us in the right mood. We are sitting courtside and have photo ops with the players after the game, should be fun, and it is for charity. Tomorrow night the newlyweds are coming for dinner, I still have not decided what I am going to make, but I will come up with something I am sure. Thursday we are meeting the boys parents for dinner and the premiere of "I Think I Love My Wife" with Chris Rock. So a busy week here!


Anonymous said...

Pizza delivered by a Superhero, oh I would eat too much pizza!

Libby said...

The slumber party looks like it was a ball! Courtside seats and photo-ops with the players, WOW! Have fun!