Thursday, March 08, 2007

Errands and Axel's

So the boy and I ventured out to cross some things off of the ta-da list and have some dinner. He was a little bummed out as he was supposed to close on the BP Flip house, but some paperwork was messed up on the buyers end, so it was postponed. But all looks good and looks like it will still go through so we will keep our fingers crossed!

We stopped into SUPER Target to pick up some groceries and other needed items, such as jillybeans, because this time of year, who can resist jillybeans? They do make me a little nutty when I have some first thing in the morning though. Then we headed over to Axel's to have a nice dinner, and we DID! We decided to order the walleye and the filet so that we could do splitzy's and have a little surf and turf. We both decided that we liked the filet the best and it was one of those melt in your mouth steaks which I just love, but really the whole thing was wonderful. I started out with a Greg Norman Petite Syrah that was wonderful and then they served us popovers with a maple honey butter. I had the wedge salad which was delish and he had the ceasar. All in all a very good meal with plenty of leftovers for lunch.

J drove in with me again this morning which is nice, it is nice to have the company. We are headed to a happy hour after work and then home which should be nice as well. My sister and my niece Miss Grace will be spending the night tomorrow night, so I am off to purchase Cinderella III at lunch time, I may have to pick something up for us as well, but it should be fun to have a girls night with just the three of us.

I picked up some new headbands for Spring last night, and I was trying to think of something fun and creative to do with them for storage purposes, and lo and behold, looks like I wasn't the only one! Looks like Mrs. P was having the same issue! I did get the cutest pink and green one from Target which I may have to post on here tomorrow, but of course I also may have to wear it tomorrow! I got tagged with a meme, so look for that later, and have any of you read the "Secret" or seen the DVD? I am getting a little sick of hearing about it here!

We just looked over the estate sales for the weekend, you have to check out this one! I cannot wait just to go through the house! The boy is bummed that he has drills this weekend, he also told me yesterday that he is not going to be renewing his contract. I am okay with that, but it is really his decision completely. It does mean though that he will not be going overseas, it also means though that he will not be making chief. His call though.

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Allie_in_Ga said...

I have gotten so many cute headbands from Target this season! I am going to do the paper towel idea, with fabric around it. I am just having a hard time narrowing down the fabric choices!

Can you tell me who that cute pink skirt with the drink on it is from you posted a while ago?