Thursday, March 15, 2007

Company for Dinner

Last night my friends Joey and Chuck (Joey again, being a girl) came for dinner as well as my friend J from out East who lives here now. They both brought fabulous bottles of wine which we thoroughly enjoyed!

It was nice to see the newlyweds and hear about their trip to Mexico and such. The boy had a really good time talking house flips and such with Chuck and dinner was good as well. I just made a chicken tortellini alfredo and salad. Easy, but I wanted to be able to enjoy my company as well.

Joey loved all of my bunnies all over and the tablesetting so that was really nice to hear the compliments from her. I am glad that I had the time this past weekend to take it all out and get the table setting changed over.

My friend J from out East gave me the run down and feed back from the wine event the night before, so it was nice to hear that and how much he liked the event.

I am finally on a client site today and off the bench, for today anyway. We will see, there appears to be some poor communication going on, but I am going to talk to B about it this weekend and hopefully figure out what is going on.

The boy and I are going to see "I Think I Love My Wife" and have dinner with his parents which should be nice. I am ready for the weekend though. I would like to do nothing but work on projects and get my closet taken care of, but I am sure we will go out for St. Patrick's day for a little while anyway.

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