Thursday, March 22, 2007

Celebrating Anniversary's

Whew it has been a busy week. I have been on a client site all week getting settled in and such. I am liking it and liking the work I am doing and I am really excited about that. It will be nice to be here for a while.

Monday night the boy and I ran some errands and I made dinner. I bought some spring pj's to leave at his house, they are WONDERFUL pink and green striped pants with a green tee! Very comfy and my favorite colors. I made this Chicken Thigh recipe from Cooking Light which was very good. I love trying new recipes and I am glad that the boy is so willing to be my guinea pig. It has been a really busy week so far, so I have not been able to make dinners like I normally do.

Tuesday night I met one of my old project teams from Target out at Bellanotte. We had a nice dinner and I was home and in bed early, although I didn't sleep which was a bummer. Wednesday night, the boy and I met friends again out at Bellanotte for a benefit and their three year anniversary party. It was a lot of fun, everyone was decked to the nines and the food was wonderful. It was so nice to see so many people all dressed up. You don't get to see that too often in MN and I simply LOVE it! The benefit was for an organization called Wishes & More which is a local organization which raises funds to help terminal and long term illness children make their wishes and dreams come true. It was great to learn about a new organization like this and I am looking forward to volunteering and helping out in other ways as well. In fact, I decided to plan the 16th anniversary of my 21st year around one of their events.

Next Saturday they have an event at the MN Swarm game so I sent out an Evite to some friends and whomever can show will help out as well. It is great that it fell right on my birthday, I didn't really know how I wanted to celebrate and I think this is a great way, and who doesn't love Lacrosse?

Tonight the boy and I and some friends will be grabbing a bite to eat and attending the premiere of The Namesake which is a movie I have been looking forward to! Tomorrow night we are going to catch The Shooter which we have been looking forward to for a while. Seeing as it is Lent, we will again try to find somewhere to eat that does not serve just burgers. I found this new place (new to me anyway) by my house today called Pepitos which has fish tacos, thought that might be a good idea.

This weekend the boy and I are going to get away for a bit and head out of town. No plans really, just a drive and somewhere new. Probably stay at a B & B or something but we will see. I am looking forward to it and it is supposed to be in the 60's so it should be nice too!

Root for Laura on Grease this weekend if you get the chance, I am hoping the MN girl takes the whole thing!

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Jilly, I've done this one, it's excellent!