Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chilly Golden Globes

It was REALLY cold here last night so the boy and I hunkered down with some firewood, a nice fire, I made some garlic and cheese rolled steaks, a bottle of red and the Golden Globes. Being the movie and TV fanatics that we are we decided taking in the Golden Globes would be fun. I was surprised Borat won. I did not see it, but the boy did. I am just not a fan. There were some fabulous dresses, but my favorite had to be Sienna Miller, she just looked gorgeous. I was also happy to see that the hometown favorite Prince won for his song from Happy Feet (another movie we did not see but now I think we will catch) even though he was stuck in traffic and could not accept his award. No real surprises though. We are thinking of going to see The Queen tonight, it is one that we have been meaning to see and now we have to see it before the Oscars. Some of our favorites did win, and I was very happy to see Ugly Betty scoop up some awards as well as Jennifer Hudson for Dream Girls. All in all it was a good night and I was happy to be at home in front of my new TV that we picked up over the weekend with a good fire and a good bottle of red.

Tonight, we are THINKING of trying to face old man winter and after a nice dinner of salmon and rice catching a flick, but we will see how the day goes. Work is just awful and I am not sure what today will hold, so heading out could be a good or a bad thing. Tomorrow night is book club, we read the Kite Runner which I read over a year ago, so I just did a refresh, but it will be good to catch up with those girls too.


lisagh said...

Yes, it is cold up North isn't it? We're sitting with wind chill factors of -40° today - YIKES. I watched the Globes last night as well (on mute for a lot of it as I was on the phone) and I have to say that one person that really impressed me was Reese Witherspoon. I thought she looked just lovely. The biggest faux pas I can remember is Jennifer Love Hewitt who looked like a bronze statue. Ridiculous dress.

jillskict said...

I missed Jennifer, I bet that was good though too. I love the awards shows, what can I say. . . I am a junkie! Another cold day and night here! Good thing we have UGGS right?

lisagh said...

Oh yes! The UGGs have saved me this winter.