Friday, September 01, 2006

Shopping Finds!

I did have a really good time shopping while I was out for my visit and found a few really fun items as well as some great basics.

On our antiquing shopping expedition, I picked up a great pink and green enamel pin that will look great on my kelly green cable cardigan this fall. I also found a beautiful silver bangle bracelet with Swarovski crystals on the top of it. A great basic to dress up something simple or the perfect touch to the little black dress.

Speaking of little black dresses, what shopping trip would be complete without one of those. I found a great one at Saks on the Ave that I just loved and will also be a great travel dress too because of the material and shape so I was really excited about that find. I do remember years back though my girlfriend and I counted up our little black dresses and decided we both had too many so we halved it and donated the rest. I think we have both built our collections up again since.

I also had the opportunity to stop by the campus where I went to undergrad. I just wanted to see the changes that were going on and stop in and say hello to my advisor. Had to stop into the bookstore and pick up a hoodie and a sticker for my new car of course. Silly perhaps, but over time I have lost track or old BF's have wound up with all of my alma matter clothing.

J.Crew was great because they had Crew Cuts there so I picked up chinos for the twins. Grant's are navy with green embroidered turtles and Gracie's are khaki with ladybugs. Perfect to start kindergarten in.

Headband shopping was a must down the Avenue as well as in Darien and New Canaan, we just do not have the same selection here in MN. Thank goodness I can always order them online though. Plaza 2 had a pretty good selection, but they were just changing the store over for fall so it was a little chaotic.

Shoes 'N More had their fall line in as well. I like some of the things they had in, but they did not have as much as I thought they would yet. They still had their Eliza B's in. I always have one pair custom made every spring. I am glad I do because they only had the black soled ones and I prefer the tan. I also did not see the color combo that I chose and being as I am vertically challenged I like the wedge.

I am anxious to go back out when VV and the new Lilly store opens on the Avenue. I guess I am just anxious to get back. Not in much of a blogging mood this morning. I have a migraine coming on. Maybe more later.

"Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending. "
— Anonymous

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