Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Preppy Things

I am a HUGE fan of the pink and the green. I would live in it if I could. I love the shabby chic look and all things preppy. I found a blog the other day and I am hooked. The Preppy Cafe is a great site devoted to all things preppy and they have some great links to shopping websites and also have some great shopping specials. The woman who owns the site seems very similar in some ways to myself, so maybe that is another reason why I enjoy it so much. It also makes me think that maybe I need to do a better job at certain things. I would like to keep my blog up to date more regularily and I also would like to scale down my way too big wardrobe. I really should go through it, although I did email a friend of my sister's to see if she was having a tag sale and still have not heard back.

The boy and I went to dinner and for a walk last night. We had a really nice time, but I was a tad crabby and then did not sleep great last night, came in all crabby and tired, probably do not look all that hot either but oh well. He sent me the above picture of the two of us from the Saints game the week before, but only AFTER he photoshopped a lemon onto my head. He calls me lemon head or lemony head because of my hair, so he did it to put a smile on my face and cheer me up. It worked!

We stopped by the house that I am hoping to move into in September and I really love it a lot, so does he. It is going to need a boat load of yard work and such but that is okay I enjoy that stuff.

This weekend is the Mystery Beer Party. I am looking forward to that and hopefully there will be a lot of pictures from it so I will post them.

I have book club tonight, it will be my first time so I am a little nervous, but hopefully everyone will be pretty nice. More to follow, I am going to try to get better about posting every day though.

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