Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Open

There is nothing like the excitement and buzz of the The Open during Opening Caremonies. It was absolutely wonderful and so neat to see the legends like McEnroe, Connors, Lloyd and Billy Jean. But even better it was such a good match and it was so great to see Andre win his first round and not have his retirement start after the first round in his last Open. I am going to miss watching him play but I do understand the toll that it takes on your body. It also really makes me look forward to my Fall/Winter season. I think joining this new club will offer me the opportunity for more play and more competitive play.

I got to catch up with a few friends I had not gotten to see yet. Pete and Heather who were married in June, very happy for them. Karin of course whom I adore, Scott stopped by really quickly which was just very sweet and nice, Tony, always good to see him and Shawn. Shawn was just supposed to be a quick drop by but we wound up sitting and chatting for two hours. It was really nice of everyone to make the effort to come and see me while I am in town for a visit. I am really going to miss everyone after this trip.

I miss the boy too, but I have spoken to him a couple of times. I have not had ONE beach day since I have been here!!!!! I am so bummed about that but I guess we cannot control the weather. I leave tomorrow :( after another day at The Open. Few things to get in today and then more tennis. I wish I was staying through another weekend, oh why does work have to get in the way? I will have a long post when I get back with tales of shopping, parties and fun!
"Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent. "
— Langston Coleman

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