Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have a friend, or wait, kinda had a friend, who went through a tough time that I had also experienced. At the time that she was going through this, I was just getting to know her. Granted she is younger than me by a bit, but in the past I have never had any issues with age or friends, really age is just a number. However, in this case, her immaturity really came into play. There were several instances where her behavior caused embarassment for me and since then I chose to just take a step back. I probably did not handle it the best way, and maybe should have spoken to her regarding her behavior, but I did not feel that I had invested a lot in the relationship at that point where it was warranted. This has come back to bite me due to mutual friends. So I tried to repair the relationship to the point where it would not make mutual friends uncomfortable. I tried reaching out to her via IM, nothing. I tried setting up a lunch three times, she cancelled. At this point I am done. However, I have a plane ticket for her that needs to be changed soon, and used this year or it goes to waste. I paid for it, so either way I guess I should not care. It is not about the money, but if she wants to use it, she could. I guess I am just frustrated, because while I have made an attempt to try to discuss her behavior with her, those are really the only things I wanted to discuss with her. I am not looking to be friends with her. I hate to do this kind of thing via email, but really I am not sure that she has left me a choice. I will update you to let you know what I decide to do.

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