Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This was going to be all about how crazy it drives me when people keep mismatched containers to store food in. And I don't mean mismatched in the sense that the colors all need to be the same. I mean when the lids and the bottoms don't match. This is not a huge expense people, there should be no sentimental reason to hold onto these things, they do not store food properly people which is their purpose, so PLEASE, just throw them out when they do not match!

So that was what got me started with the mismatching, but I hate ALL mismatching.

Socks, don't wear mismatched socks (or do not wear them inside out either) if you do not have a pair and you have done all of your laundry well then please, just toss the sock, the lone sock. Unless you are a puppeteer and will be saving it for better uses, this then I can see.

Pocketbooks (my sister keeps insisting they are purses, but I would prefer to call them pocketbooks) these were made to match your shoes first and foremost and then of course your belt if you are wearing one and then last but not least, most definitely your outfit. If you are not good at this, there are a lot of people out there that are, ASK someone!

Clothes, just being able to match your clothes. For some of us, this is why Garanimals were created. There are others that need help, which is why there were shows such as What Not to Wear, for the help that some need. I am by no means perfect, TRUST ME, but leaving the house pulled together helps you feel better about yourself, just watch one episode, you will get what I mean.

How about matching the COLOR of your house to the TYPE of house? Now I am sure that we have ALL driven by a house and gone WHAT were they thinking. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but come on, can we all at least just get on some common ground?

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