Monday, February 03, 2014

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 6

I can't believe it is Monday already, I am actually really sad that the weekend is over. With the Super Bowl being on Sunday night, I didn't have the time I normally use to prepare myself for the week, which is a bummer of course, but we had a really good time. 
Friday we had two couples over for cocktails and appetizers. One was a former co-worker, his girlfriend and her daughter Olivia who is almost 3. I don't really have a kid friendly house, but, she did great and she was so sweet and well mannered. I had coloring books and crayons for her, and I made pigs in a blanket so she loved those. Our neighbors P & B joined us as well, they are so much fun, we just really enjoy hanging out with them. 

Saturday I attended the baby shower for one of the boys cousins. She is due with her first baby girl at the end of February. There were two very cute babies that I got to hold as well which I always love. The boys cousins and aunts are all so nice, I am so glad that they always include me in these family functions!
Saturday night we went to dinner at our friends T & J. He can really cook! We had the most amazing grilled pork tenderloin with a mushroom port wine demi glaze and the most fantastic risotto. We had a really nice night, we always do with them. 

Sunday the boy whipped up some chicken wings and I cooked up a huge pot of turkey chili. We had lots of errands/chores that needed to be done before we got to my sisters for some super bowl celebrating. We had three delicious chili's, wings, dips and fantastic bundt cakes that I am still thinking about that R made. So good! We enjoyed the commercials but because the game was such a blow out, it was a little disappointing. 

Here is what we have on tap this week!
Plans - I am working remotely, we had our house serviced so I needed to be here. I have a nail appointment scheduled for 4:30 but with the way my day is going, it is not looking like it is going to happen. I also need to get some laundry done as well.
Breakfast and Lunch - Clementines, my favorite fruit during the winter and leftover turkey chili from Super Bowl Sunday.
Dinner - We didn't get to make the Cashew Chicken last week, and I really want to try this.

Plans - I need to get my nails done and get some errands run. We want to look at paint colors for the living room (we call it our media room) and kitchen. We have some plans that we want to start putting in place.
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, yogurt, leftovers - either turkey chili or cashew chicken
Dinner - out, Mort's Deli (as close to good Matzo Ball soup as I can get here in MN)

Plans - Home, finish up laundry
Breakfast and Lunch -  Fruit, yogurt, salad
Dinner - Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup (this is a recipe from last week that we did not get to make).

Plans - Home
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, yogurt and out to lunch with co-workers, probably TJ's or Blue Point
Dinner - Grilled Chili Lime Steak Fajitas (I have been craving this)

Plans - Maybe a movie, not sure
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, yogurt, salad
Dinner - out maybe

Plans - we really need to do some organizing at home. I am also going to go to a Pampered Chef party in the afternoon.
Breakfast and Lunch - clean out the fridge
Dinner - I am hoping that the boy will make cornish game hens

Plans - Home. I would love to spend a whole day at home working on the house, cleaning, organizing and preparing for the week ahead - which will be busy.
Breakfast and Lunch - I am going to make an egg bake to have for breakfasts and lunches during the week.
Dinner - Chicken Merlot with Mushrooms
For more meal plans and links to recipes and other meal planning tools, check out the orgjunkie.

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