Friday, January 03, 2014

Five for Friday - 2014 Week 1

Love this Five for Friday, will definitely be making it a weekly thing this year! Linking up with the girls! Natasha,  aprilchristina, and darci

1. All of the fabulous sales going on at the moment! I picked up this skirt from Nordstroms, I had been wanting something like this and cannot wait to wear it. 

Search for Sanity faux leather skirt

I also picked up another cashmere turtleneck in red from Talbots, I think it would even look great with this skirt! 

I also picked up some great work from home pieces from the Pure Jill line at J. Jill. I love their comfy cozy clothes. I LOVE the color of this poncho! Their clothes make great travel wear as well. 

2. It is going to get REALLY cold here this weekend. Monday we are supposed to see windchills of -35 to -60. The boy got me two pairs of Acorn fleece socks for Christmas. I LOVE these. They are so comfortable and so toasty warm. He found them at Costco, I think I need to get my sister a couple of pairs as well. They come in shoe sizes so they fit perfectly!
Acorn Fleece Socks

3. So happy to be back to cooking again! And I can actually taste too! Last night I made Herb Roasted Lamb from the Barefoot Contessa. This was SO good, one of my favorite recipes I have ever made. I love Barefoot Contessa, her cookbooks are some of my favorites. The boy and I both loved this, and I will definitely be making it again. 

4. Dinner Parties!!! We had our neighbors for dinner on Tuesday for NYE which was wonderful and delicious and this Saturday we are having friends L & J for dinner. I love going through my cookbooks, looking at recipes and setting a fun table! 

5.  Working remote! I have not been into the office in over two weeks, and I am so thankful for the ability to work remote. Especially with the crud that I had, still able to work from home, not feel 100% but be billable and now with the cold cold weather we have. SO happy to be home and comfy. I may not love this current client, but, at least I have flexibility to work from here with my favorite little co-worker (who seems to like to sleep on the job!).

Stella's bed is on my printer next to my desk so that she can be as close as possible to me!

Looking forward to setting some time aside this weekend to work on our home binder and getting us organized!

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Jacky said...

I love this post, look forward to it every week. Your office is awesome!