Friday, November 08, 2013

Five for Friday

one. My little Stella cat. She is so sweet, sometimes anyway. We have had lots of good cuddles this week and she makes me just laugh as she gets all crazy in the morning running around. She loves to talk to the boy in the morning when he gets up and she goes downstairs with him.
two. I am so looking forward to a spa day tomorrow with my good friend sister J. Her birthday is coming up, and I was struggling with something special to get her, so I thought a full spa day tomorrow followed up with a fabulous dinner out. We are doing manis, pedis, hour massages and having our hair done. I cannot wait. 
 three. Fabulous restaurants in our area. We have new restaurants popping up all of the time and I have a list that I keep adding to for restaurants that we want to check out. The hard part is remembering to go back to some of the fabulous places we have already been to. This week I was lucky enough to go back to two great places that we have been to in the past.
four. Target. I am almost done with the sitting room. I ordered curtains online from Target Wednesday and last night we ordered a light fixture from Overstock. But really we have finished the room off with some great pieces from Target. I love this fox tray, we needed something to put on an ottoman which we are also using as a side table. We also found this great side table (and on clearance no less!). I like to have a place for each guest sitting to put their drink or food. These pillows look great on the orange chairs. This room is close, can't wait to show it to you!

five. Family. I am so glad that my parents and the boys parents get a long so well. Both sets of parents are coming for dinner Sunday. I haven't put the menu together yet, but I am thinking steaks on the grill, and a salad so far. My mom wants to bring a game to play, we have a good time just hanging out together. 

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