Monday, October 21, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 43

Weekends go by way too fast! We did not get everything done that we needed to, but we definitely squeezed in quite a bit.

Friday we went to look for a love seat or settee for the sitting room. We looked at a few places, Arhaus, Pottery Barn, Gabberts, Restoration Hardware. We definitely agree on what we are looking for and what we like. We found two styles that we both really liked a lot. These are both from Arhaus and we could choose the fabric, but we are also looking at 12 weeks until we would have our love seat. . .but I think it would be worth it. The first one you have to picture in a fabric. The second one you have to picture as a love seat. We are still on the hunt. We have a couple other places to try.

I did see this in the Schneiderman's ad this past weekend. 

I really like this one too, but we have realized, in order to get what we really want, we are going to have to spend more. But at least we know it will be quality that way too. 
The sad part is, considering the fact that our holiday party is December 7th, I don't think we are going to have it in time. We did pick up some frames though to start doing a gallery wall over the love seat. This is the look I am going for. 

So we still have a lot of work to do, but it will get there. I can tell you this much, the room looks 100 times better already and we have used it so much more than we had been. I think a lot of it has to do with the layout, but it is really a cozy room. Have to wait until we finish it to see the final product.

Over the bar, I did want a chalkboard so that I could put something fancy on it like cocktail of the day or the menu for dinner parties, now I just have to learn how to write with chalk real well, this was my inspiration picture.
Luckily I already had a frame that would work perfectly, so the boy just got a piece of wood and used chalkboard spray paint and painted it for me, I love the way it turned out!
Saturday we celebrated this special friends birthday out to dinner with a big group, so much fun!
Such a fun group! We got her some monogrammed stationary from the wonderful Chloe at English Tea Paperie, this great book, which I need to read, looks so good! Also picked up a great scarf for her!

Sunday was a day of cleaning the house, laundry and errands. Exciting stuff. I didn't even make dinner, we went out. We didn't even have a very good meal. I should have cooked. We had a full weekend of eating out. I really should have cooked. Oh well, I will hopefully make up for it this week.

Here is how this week is shaping up! Hopefully I can stick to our plan a little bit better this week. It seems like every time I turned around last week we were having to edit ourselves and our plans.

Plans - I worked from home today, SO nice. I need to run a few errands but other than that just laying low.
Breakfast and Lunch - Have you tried the Trader Joe's pumpkin flavored toaster pastry? SO good! Cottage cheese with berries and clementines! NUM! Stella LOVES to lick the bowl after cottage cheese!
Dinner - I am FINALLY going to make Garlic chicken with mushrooms and red peppers (except I have orange, red, yellow and green I am going to use! FINALLY cannot wait to make this!).

Plans - We have passes to Last Vegas, but I think it will still be a game time decision.
Breakfast and Lunch - Almonds, fruit, cottage cheese
Dinner - if we decide to stay home, I will make the Turkey mushroom meatloaf, finally. . .if we go to the movie, we will probably just grab something out, maybe Chick Fil A since it is near the one that just opened for us.

Plans - The boys parents are just getting back from a cruise they have been on for over a week, so we are meeting them for dinner and then a screening of About Time. We are going to the FANCY movie theater where every chair is a recliner and you have ASSIGNED seats! We were there with my parents a couple of weeks ago.

Breakfast and Lunch - Nuts, yogurt, fruit
Dinner - out, probably Sammy's, family favorite!

Plans - It is the MN Monthly Best of Party at the recently renovated Union Depot in St. Paul, so we thought it would be fun to check that out.
Breakfast and Lunch - keeping it light in preparation for a big night out/
Dinner - Wine and lots of good food!

Plans - The past few weeks, we have done a pretty good job of getting to bed early since the wake up calls have been earlier, I am sure this week that is not going to happen based on plans, so we will probably stay in and take it easy.
Breakfast and lunch - granola, yogurt and fruit
Dinner - Something easy, maybe even leftovers

Plans - going out to celebrate a friends birthday, should be fun, looking forward to seeing her and her husbands!
Dinner - Capitol Grill, how can we go wrong?

Plans - we have made a pretty good dent in getting the garage organized and some things done at home.
Dinner - Not sure yet, I may have to go back and update this later.

For more meal plans and links to great recipes check out the orgjunkie.


Jacky Hackett said...

LOVE the third love seat. The chalkboard looks great, love the bar setup.

Martha said...

Oooooo I love that first one...that's the one you got, right? In the fabric from the 2nd photo?

I want to go to a theater with seats like that!