Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minnesota Monthly Luxury Home Tour

This past weekend, the boy and I decided to check out the MN Monthly Luxury Home Tour. We did this last year as well and really enjoyed it. There are 10 homes on the tour, we made it to 7 this year. We both definitely had our favorites, but there wasn't a lot NOT to like on the tour.

You aren't allowed to take photos inside the homes on the tour, but I did sneak a couple of pictures when I could. We go on these tours for ideas to incorporate into our own home. I know some people go on the tours to look at the craftsmanship of the builders to see about maybe having them build a home for them. Unfortunately for us we haven't hit the lottery yet, so for now, we will just use the homes as inspiration. I wish I could have taken more pictures (especially of some of my favorite areas of the homes) but this will give you a little bit of an idea.

This was a covered bridge that we drove through to get to one of the developments. The boy LOVED this and said that he would spend all of his time on this bridge. I thought that was pretty funny. . .

This house was across the street from one of the homes on the tour, but we both really liked the curb appeal, style and colors of the home, so I snapped it. 
This is the outside of one of the houses on Lake Minnetonka. This house had a beautiful kitchen and an awesome view. BUT, it is in an undeveloped development, and while it does have over 100 feet of shoreline, I think the homes are going to be right on top of one another. 

 This picture was in a bathroom at one of the homes, we both loved it, so I thought it might be a good one for the downstairs when it is done. 
 LOVED the outdoor fireplace. I can just see hanging out here with a glass of wine and a fire. 
 How cozy. LOVED this. This home was also on a lake, it is right through those trees. 

There was also a home with a beautiful wine cellar and tasting room. The same home also had a theater. It was a great home for entertaining, I could have lived there easily!

We loved looking at the homes for color inspiration as well. I really liked how they basically used one color on the whole main floor. Now to convince the boy we need to do this and pick the color out!

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