Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 25

Travel week, so boring boring boring on the meal planning front. Plus, on top of that we have a lot going on over the weekend, so there will not be a lot of meal planning going on.

Plans - Travel, my mom is going with me though, so it will be fun to have someone to chat with and have dinner with on the way up.
Dinner - out, we are going to try to find a healthy option

Plans - we have a team outing celebration at a local sports bar.
Dinner - I am sure it will be a ton of fried bar food, so I am going to order a salad, hopefully they will have something decent.

Plans - Out with co-workers
Dinner - Out with co-workers

Plans - Travel home
Dinner - Depending on what time we leave, either something on the road or the boy and I will meet up with my parents for something to eat.

Plans - Tour some of the homes for the luxury home tour
Dinner - Out

Plans - work on the house, tour more of the luxury homes
Dinner - Out

Plans - Sailing on Lake Minnetonka with friends
Dinner - Grill on the deck, I am going to do another pork loin with one of the rub/glazes, I am also going to make a salad and red potatoes as well as a veggie, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed that when I get back we have something in the garden to pick!

Not a whole lot of excitement here, but it is a travel week!

For more meal planning and links to other recipes check out the Orgjunkie!

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