Monday, January 02, 2012

Highlights from 2011

January - The boy finished my office, which I love (we still have a couple of things left to do, but I do need to do a whole post on this room). We hosted a wonderful wine event, chili and chilean wines, so much fun!
February - Trip to Connecticut and New York with the boy. Found out friends J & K from CT were pregnant! Our basement also flooded while we were gone and changed our whole plan for the house for a while. Attended Foodie Fest number one!

March - For my birthday, we hosted a murder mystery party. Everyone came in character and it was a ton of fun! I would love to do another one!
April - Stella came home with us Easter weekend and changed our lives for the better. She has changed our house into a home and we absolutely love spending time with her.
May - The boy, along with my dad's help and my purchases, finished the Guest Room in May, just in time for our friend K from CT to come for a visit from NYC. We threw a little baby shower for a her and enjoyed spending some time with her.

June - We attended some great wine events, did a lot of grilling and saw a couple of movies. We also did some work on the yard. We had a lot of yard work that needed to be done this year, so we spent a good part of the summer whipping it into shape.
July - 4th of July was a lot of fun on the deck. We hosted a BBQ for friends and enjoyed some fireworks.
August - We spent some time with friends up at the lake, took a cooking class and had a few BBQ's on the deck.

September - Realized that my job was really not right for me and that I was no longer contributing fully in my life, so I needed to make a change for the better. Left my job and took a week off. Helped my mom with Junk Bonanza and had a blast.

October - Attended and hosted some wonderful wine events. Caught up with friends. Worked on organizing the house and getting it back in shape from the basement flooding. Started my new job, started traveling for the new job, loved getting to participate more in my own life and not have to focus so much on work. Attended our second foodie fest for the year!

November - Hosted our first Thanksgiving. Worked on the house. Traveled for work more than I wanted to. . . but still love having more time for the boy, my family and my own life!

December - Hosted our annual holiday party, which is always a ton of fun! Had a great holiday with our family and the boy. Spent some quality time with friends and family!

Looking forward to 2012!

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