Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday! Happy Birthday Lilly!

Happy 80th Birthday Lilly!

I am a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer, as most of you know. I have been wearing it for years, but now with all of the new Lilly products I have been able to incorporate it into my everyday life!

My wall calendar.

Love my Lilly fragrances!

Put me in a Lilly dress and it makes my day!
A box of Lilly Animal crackers in my lunch adds to the menu!

The three dresses below are summer staples!

A Lilly sticker on a note to a friend!

Grabbing my morning tea in my travel mug!

Definitely on my wish list, the Lilly bike!

Keeping track of my day to day activities!

The Murfee scarf adds that pop of color to almost any outfit!

That special note card to send a note to a friend!

Definitely needed for that glass of wine at the end of the day!

The bag that is with me constantly on the go
The tumbler that is always filled with water in my car, next to my bed, sitting on my desk

The night light in my office!

Happy Birthday Lilly, sweet wishes who has brought smiles and brightness to the world!

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