Monday, April 04, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 14

I had a wonderful birthday dinner out with the boy at Jake O'Connors in Excelsior. It was our first time there, and we both just loved it.

The weekend was also excellent, I don't think I can even begin to explain how wonderful it was to have down time and just be away from everything with friends. It was wonderful not to have to work, or think about work or even work on house projects. We had such a wonderful time with friends L & J, just a really nice relaxing weekend. We have SO many leftovers, it is going to be a BIG leftovers week.

As the boy and I were talking and planning the week, we were both kind of blank when it came to what we had going on this week. I think a lot of it depends on work of course, and the guest bathroom is really coming along nicely, I think we are getting ready for a reveal in a week or so.

Plans - Home, clean, laundry
Dinner - French Dip with Onion Spread Sandwiches and Chips
L made this on Saturday night for dinner with homemade bread, we were lucky enough to come home with leftovers.

Plans - Unpack three boxes from the garage, put dining room table and chairs on Craigslist
Dinner - Pizza Joe's 

Plans - Work on turning over closets
Dinner - Fish Tacos (the boys went ice fishing this past weekend and took in a haul, this is dinner tonight)

Plans - Get outfits together for The Glitter Ball
Dinner - Grilled Steaks, Mushrooms, potatoes

Plans - Volunteer and then enjoy The Glitter Ball
Dinner - Out

Plans - NONE! Hoping to get the guest bathroom finished, and make a lot of progress on the guest room, maybe even get the finishing touches done on my office (although I doubt it since I need to find a light fixture still)
Dinner - A pizza maybe or something on the grill, I will update later as it gets closer

Plans - Celebrate my birthday with my family
Dinner - Not sure yet where we are going to do this, so I will have to wait until we finalize things.

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