Friday, March 25, 2011

PS. . .I Love You

Happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. . .but this isn't a post about one of my favorite movies (with one of the best wardrobes ever on Hilary Swank). How do you feel about mail? Junk mail, bills, catalogs, magazines, packages and my personal favorite, personal mail?

I don't mind the price of stamps going up too much. I LOVE stamps. I love going to the post office and checking out the new designs, did you know that they have a Ronald Reagan forever stamp out right now? I loved the Archie comics stamps that I bought a while back, and the Garfield ones. I think delivering mail would be, a hard, but fun job. I always try to get to know my postal worker. When I lived in S. Minnie, we had a walking postal worker with a mail slot in our door. I loved it, and I loved our postal man, I used to give him bags of candy whenever I saw him. He always broke the shorts out as soon as he could and would wear them well into October.

I haven't figured out our postal schedule or worker at our new place yet, and you would think that I would have since I am home watching out my office window every day. But no. Our mailbox after this winter, has really taken a beating, it wasn't in the best shape anyway, and it is on our list of projects for first thing this spring. But I still love getting the mail every day.
I think the art of the letter is going to be lost on the next generation. I don't think my niece and nephews are going to understand what the written word, penned, really means.

Hallmark turns 101 this year. Still family owned and operated. They are piloting selling pre-stamped cards with envelopes in some of their stores and, even in some post offices. Do you know that some people don't even know where to go to buy stamps anymore? Hallmark is an innovative company, I am sure they will continue to roll with the punches.

How do you feel about mail? Is it an ecological nightmare? Do you do your billing online (I do, I think I might write 1 check every three months)? Do you ever use any of the local coupons that come in the mail? Do you recycle your junk mail? Do you hate your name being out there for the world to get a hold of? Has modern email gone the way of the good old fashion personal note in the mail?

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