Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fitness 2011

Next year I am hoping to make some serious changes. One of the biggest changes I want to make is more time for myself. My friend J has asked if I would join a gym downtown with her, I am not a big gym person, but I think this could be fun too. I also would LOVE to get one of these, they are on back order right now, but I know a thing or two about the company that makes them, and they are going places, good investment.I think the ease of using this would be nice too.

Changing up my workouts, I used to love my Wii at my old place, but we don't even have it hooked up at the moment, and we don't have a TV in the basement yet which is where the Wii will be hooked up, but there are some great new Wii workouts that I want to try.

Dance Workout
And of course, My Personal Trainer
Wow, already thinking about 2011. . . maybe because I am hoping to have more time?

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