Monday, July 26, 2010

Meal Plan Monday, Weekend Re-cap

We are still in a holding pattern on the house, once again hoping to close this Friday. Ugh.

This past weekend we lost a good family friend. Steven and I grew up together. His mom and my mom were childhood friends, college pals and sorority sisters. We vacationed every summer growing up and celebrated every Christmas together. Steven was my age, survived by his older brother Jay, younger sister Cindy, her husband, and their two darling twin daughters as well as their wonderful mother who said good-bye to their father three years ago this August. Steven was a firefighter in Bridgeport, CT and was killed in the line of duty. He was also a husband and a father to a beautiful daughter just barely a year old whom he will never get to, warn the boy who takes her out, hand her the keys to take the car, walk her down the aisle or watch her become a parent. We will miss you Steven, thank you for all of the lives you have saved, all of the fires you have battled, all of the babies you have delivered (he used to be in a house in DC and he has delivered more than his fair share!) and all that you have rescued. Do me a favor if you will, say a little prayer for this family, they have been through a lot and they are wonderful people. Do me another favor, thank a fireman today, they put their lives on the line every day for us. More here.

We had a pretty low key weekend. Out with two couples for dinner and drinks Friday night, packing and errands Saturday, dinner out, then a bon fire up at my sisters Saturday night, yesterday, brunch, errands, and a drive around our new neighborhood trying to get to know the area (while also realizing that there is a possibility that this still falls through, AARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!).

Low key week with little plans as usual until this thing closes and we have some certainty in our lives.

Plans - pack, DVR
Dinner - Ribs, shredded potatoes, salad

Plans - grocery shop for ingredients for Wednesday
Dinner -

Plans - Birthday celebration for my sister
Dinner - pasta salad, brats, birthday cake

Plans - pack
Dinner -

Plans - Wine Event
Dinner - whatever everyone brings, not sure what I am bringing yet

Hopefully this weekend we move. . . . .

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Unknown said...

Please accept my condolences on your friends death. I, too, knew the other firefighter and it is truly sad to hear of these men's untimely deaths! I am committed to visit the wake of my friend but know it will be one of those wakes in which the lines just don't stop. I check your blog consistently after I read my sister Jacky's and was really shocked to see your Bridgeport connection. THoughts to you and your family on this untimely death! Jody in CT.