Friday, April 30, 2010

In My Neighborhood and My Wants List for our House

We have been doing a lot of walking lately, and there are so many unique houses in my neighborhood, I thought I would take couple of shots of them as we strolled along. Each of them are unique in their own way, and I like something different about each of them. I am big on curb appeal, but I also know that you have to have vision and that you can create your own curb appeal.

We said this one kind of reminded us of a Swiss chalet.
This one has an English Tudor feel too it, especially with the ivy growing up it. 

Both the boy and I love the look of the brick on this one, and the shape of those windows up top? Ahhhhh!
And the brick on this one as well! Love the dormer up top!
The portico on this one would be the perfect place to greet guests or trick or treaters! 
The boy and I also love Dutch Colonials, all of the windows and natural light! 
I am guessing there are at least two fireplaces in this house. A fireplace is on both of our must have lists! 
This is one of my favorite houses on my street. It is a Craftsman which we have a lot of in my neighborhood, but then again, not enough. Most Craftsman homes have builtins, stained glass, lead windows, those extra touches. I love the colors that they painted this home last summer, they also re-did the front porch, which to me, is my favorite thing about this house! Entertaining Mom over at The Entertaining Home, did a post yesterday on front porches, and I could not agree with her more. When I lived out East (I also lived in Greenwich for 5 years!) I had two different places that both had fabulous front porches, and I would just live on the porch. Every time we drive by or walk by a home with a front porch in my neighborhood, I just ooo and ahhh. This is something else that is on my want list, but is also hard to come by. Every time we look at house, I try to imagine it with a front porch thinking we could add one on. Since we don't have kids, and won't be having any, the things that we are looking for in a house are actually really different than a lot of other people. I really want a house that we can entertain in, and live comfortably in. A nice yard is a plus, but I am not looking at it thinking about a dog or a swing set. A front porch, with a couple of chairs, a table for my wine glass and maybe a swing, perfection! Our Summers are so short here, having an extension of your home that enables you to enjoy the outdoors, is important for me. Because we don't have kids, it is harder to get to know the neighbors, but when you are outside in front of your home, and people pass by, it is easy to strike up conversation and invite them up for a cocktail!


Jill said...

Love so many of these. And makes me a little "homesick" for the Midwest as these style homes are rare here in the South. So exciting you have so many fun choices in your future!

Mellissa said...

I love all the houses in your neighborhood, my dream house has all the old charm but has a great kitchen. Really hard to find!