Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things I am digging!

I have such a salty sweet tooth it is not even funny. I came across these a while back, and I don't see them (nor should I) very often, but when I do I just have to pick up a bag! SO good!

 The weather here has gotten nice a bit earlier than normal and I am SO happy! Over the winter I hit up the Talbots sale and I cannot wait to wear this!
I love this new (to me at least) site Paperless Post. It is a lot like evite, but classier. I like using evite for those quick little events going on, but I think that this site does it in a more traditional manner, check them out here, register through that link and you help me earn stamps!

This is another great site, if you have just finished a book, you plug that in, and then it gives you a recommendation for another book!

Off to my board meeting, but really all I am doing is dreaming about summer shoes. . . .

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