Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie Review! The Ugly Truth

Last night the boy and I saw a screening of "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I had only seen one preview and had heard very little about it, but I am a huge Katherine Heigl fan, I think that she just has this beauty and grace about her and I find her simply stunning. I had heard that she was very happy that this had been rated R. After seeing the film, I think that it really could have been a PG-13, but I also can appreciate the fact that they are becoming more stringent on these things.

One of the things that I love about Katherine Heigl is her style and the way she carries herself with such confidence. She is a JCrew fan herself, and growing up in CT she has that classic preppy Northeastern way about her. My good friend J from out East actually grew up and went to school with her. Her wardrobe in this film is incredible. These are some of my favorite looks from the film.
You can't really see the locket that she is wearing in the picture above, but I love it, you can see a better picture of it here, I think one of the reasons that something like this looks so good on her is because of her long torso.
I loved her hair throughout the film, but I loved it in this scene (which were also hysterical)

I love a classic wrap dress, they really suit her as well

Gerard Butler is not half bad either, don't get me wrong. The film itself kind of reminded me of a modern day "When Harry Met Sally" Heigl and Butler have excellent chemistry on film, there were parts of the movie that were SO funny, that people would be laughing so hard that you would miss the next line. Great supporting cast of characters as well. If you are a complete prude, this is not a movie for you, but if you can appreciate some off color humor and also have dealt with the rigors of dating, then you will really enjoy this film. Go see it!

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Kel said...

I agree - Katherine is amazing and the movie was great fun!