Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things I am Digging!

So this week has had many ups as well as downs. I am doing my best to focus on the ups!

Sister J was very unexpectedly laid off on Monday (I HATE this economy!) so she came for dinner Monday with Max the dog and we shared a bottle (or two of wine). Yesterday I had a volunteer shift with JLM for the American Girl Fashion Show this weekend. Okay, seriously, the parents are much worse than the girls are. . . .in some ways, it makes me glad that I don't have kids of my own. After we met C & J for juicy lucy's at Matt's Bar. SO good. C has been on a contract over in Amsterdam for the past couple of weeks, she is home for a week, back for three, home for two, then Milan. In some ways I envy her assignment at the moment, but I also know how much the travel wears on you and hurts relationships. Skype certainly helps. Sister J also called last night to let me know that a close family friend had passed away and she needed to travel to the funeral and asked would I take Max, but of course. So after we went and did a volunteer shift with United Way Emerging Leaders making sandwiches for the homeless, I picked up Max and brought him home with me. It will be fun to have little Max around for a few days!

Here are a couple of things on my radar at the moment!

Skype. Do any of you use it? I have been using it as a business tool since about 2003 for work conference calls and then to keep in touch with friends overseas, but recently it has been wonderful to keep in touch with C, I know how lonely it can get being overseas on an assignment and seeing a friendly face certainly does make a difference.

The Mpls. Home & Garden Show
starts today. The boy and I are going this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I love looking at new home products and getting new ideas for kitchens and bathrooms. I can't wait!

Volunteering. This is just kind of in general, but I have been putting in my time lately, and it really is true what they say, you get SO much more out of it than you put into it. I have been doing stuff with JLM of course as well as the United Way Emerging Leaders and then of course my wine club. It is all good stuff though.

That is about all I have for this week. It has been a busier week than I had planned so far, but it is all good. I am hoping to get some paper work cleaned up today, but it is on the bottom of the to do list. Due to the fact that we had planned to go out to dinner with sister J, I had to come up with dinner, so I think we are having turkey, but not sure yet, better get to that since it was not planned for!

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