Monday, January 12, 2009

Meal Plan Monday!

This week is a little hectic, and it is supposed to be really cold, so it is a good week for some comfort food!

Monday-Maple Glazed Salmon, Green Beans, Rice (this is one of my favorite salmon recipes, if you have a favorite salmon recipe, I would love a new one)
Tuesday-JLM Project Impact Day-Potluck
Wednesday-Movie "Last Chance Harvey" Screening with the boys parents, dinner TBD
Thursday-Movie "Defiance" Screening, dinner TBD
Friday-Dinner with oldest nephew and the boy TBD
Saturday-Graduation Party
Sunday-Dinner with the boys mom and dad my house. Beef Tenderloin, Cheesy Mushroom Bread Pudding (this is a Rachel Ray Mag recipe and I don't have it with me at the moment, and cannot find it on her website but I will post later), asparagus and cheesecake filled Belgian chocolate cups (more to follow on those).

For more menus (a lot better than mine this week) check out Organizing Junkie.

Looks like I am getting off easy again this week, but I truly did not plan it that way. I did shop for the ingredients to make split pea and white bean and ham soup, so I will be making those up for lunches and to freeze this week. It is supposed to be unbelievably cold here this week, so I am sure I will not be too happy about that, but I do want to see both of the movies screening this week, so I am sure I will bundle up and get myself out for those.

We had a really nice weekend, Friday night dinner out with friends and a couple bottles of wine, Saturday we had the kids and went to the home opener for the Swarm and capped off Sunday with Marley and Me and the Golden Globes and dinner with the boys parents. The Swarm won, Marley and Me was really good and we all really enjoyed The Golden Globes. I was happy to see Slumdog Millionaire win so many awards and so many of the stars looked SO glamorous. I thought Drew looked the best though. Did you have a favorite?

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lisagh said...

Aw Jilly - I knew we'd have the same taste! I have read so many places that people think Drew looked like she was in a windstorm or fell out of a tree or something, but I thought she looked absolutely stunning.

So classic and sassy!