Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Swap Package!!!!!

I don't usually use my front door, and being as busy as I was last week, I did not even get to the front door until the girls came over Saturday night, so I am SORRY, but I didn't get to this until yesterday, but what an awesome package I received from Hair Girl at My Life Behind the Chair!
She did SUCH an awesome job of sticking to the SPRING theme that CT Charm came up with, I LOVE the little letters spelling out SPRING with each of the coordinating little gifts! HOW FUN!

The "Sassy" little apron is just perfect, and I love the colors! Popcorn, "it's what's for lunch" today! Recipes, can you say crockpot Mac and Cheese? The boy is LOVING that! Pedicure stuff, with the prettiest pink, the basket is perfect for mail on my table by the door!

Thank you SO much, I just loved everything, and CT Charm, thank you SO much for hosting such a fun swap!


Meg said...

Looks like she knows you well, Jilly! Enjoy your goodies!

Southern Cupcake said...

Cute gifts. Enjoy!

lisagh said...

What great stuff! This swap was so much fun wasn't it?!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...


Hair Girl said...

I am so glad you liked your goodies! The boys are loving that you included candy. J wanted you to know that there isn't a "C" in "SPRING". I told him they were "sweets". J- "Well as long as she knows how to spell it."

Thanks for such a great box!
$20 worth of sunshine!