Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Recap and updates!

WOW! It feels like forever since I have been back to posting regularly! I have been really busy with a ton of different things. A couple of updates. I have been interviewing with a company for the past month in a half or so, we spent last week going through negotiations which all turned out wonderfully and I started with them this week. I still have one client that I am working on, but only about 20% and everyone is aware of the situation. The new company is a wonderful opportunity for me, they had contacted me back in November, but I didn't have time to properly address anything with them until the beginning of February. So, now I am REALLY busy, but excited. Excited for this opportunity, excited for the new clients and the new challenges that they will bring and excited to be in a position to fulfill my life-long career goals. It really feels good to be positioning myself where I want to be.

Another part of the job that really appeals to me is the opportunity for travel. The majority of their clients are in NZ, AUS and the UK although they do have a large client base in the US as well. I am starting out with three clients, one here in Mpls., one in Boston and one in Melbourne, AUS. I have already had meetings with the Minnie client and will be in Boston (hi girls!) March 31st-April 4th and tentatively AUS the last week in April. There are a couple of problems with this of course. The boy and I have tickets for the Twins home opener which is March 31st, also my birthday so it was supposed to be a joint celebration, I will have to miss that. I am also hoping that the AUS trip does not interfere with our Vegas trip which we leave for May 1st. I love Boston though and I can hardly wait for that trip. We also have a NYC office (yeah Suz!) so I will be there from time to time as well. There are a lof of different plans for the company, and I am excited to be part of something like this. I am still working from home, we all do actually, but the good thing is that we do have space in this beautiful historical building in St. Paul that I can go to anytime I want and I won't get kicked out or have to worry about finding a phone (I have experienced this quite a bit at client sites in the past year). It also gives me the opportunity to explore St. Paul and learn a whole new area, I am very excited.

This also gives me the excuse for new clothes. Well, a few new pieces anyway. So I will be on the lookout for those over the next couple of weeks. I have never been a good packer I like to take a little bit of everything. I am usually okay with a color scheme, but I just need to take pieces that I can mix and match better. We will see how I do.

This past weekend was really nice. The boy and I had a nice dinner out on Friday. I stuck with the fish, but he cheated and had ribs and chicken. In his defense, it was a BBQ place. We skipped a movie because we had both had such a long week. Saturday we headed out for some treasure hunting, went to a couple of estate sales and then stopped for lunch at a new place that opened up not far from my house back in the beginning of December. It used to be a little dive bar, but they cleaned it up and it was pretty nice. We had a nice lunch and played a couple of games of darts. Before we knew it the day had gotten away from us and it was time to head home so that I could get decked out for Mink Night.

A couple of months back, T. planned a girls night out, Mink Night. A good excuse for 10 of us girls to get together, wear our furs and hit the town. And boy did we. T. had rented a limo for us (a super stretch suburban limo no less) and mapped out our path for the evening. We made a couple of stops in St. Paul, The Lexington,
and then The Infinity Room.
It was such a fun night, and we consumed WAY too much champagne as well as wine.
It was funny because at our final destination the crowd was MUCH younger but I think we were the amateurs. I am glad I don't go out like that very often, but what a treat and we did have a really good time. Great group of girls too.
And sister S., at 7 months pregnant was right out there on the dance floor with us having a good time. She is such an awesome sport and most of the time you forget she is pregnant!

Sunday I was off to a very very very slow start, even with daylights savings. The boy and I did a ton of spring cleaning, floors and such and then had two couples over for dinner. One of the guys from his unit was home on R & R from Iraq so it was good to see him and catch up on what life has been like for him for the past 10 months. He is due to finish his tour in May.

Hopefully once I am all settled in with this new role and I have finished up with my old client I will be back to posting regularly. I have been checking in with all of you and I will continue to do so when I can! Hope you are all well.


tulipmom said...

Congrats on your new position! It sounds like you're really happy.

ATC said...

Congratulations on your new job! I'm so excited for you!

Mink night looks like it was a blast! What a great idea!

Best wishes for your exciting future!

Libby said...

Oh my gosh, your girls night out looks like it was fabulous fun! I can't wait until you hit Boston!

Suz said...

Big congrats on the new job! So very exciting, I hope you're in the NYC office soon :)

How fun an idea is mink night. I have a broadtail 3/4 sleeve jacket with mink collar and cuffs that was my grandma's that I love but don't really ever get the opportunity to wear. Perhaps I should institute one here :)

J said...

Congrats on your new position! The travel sounds like it will be fun--I am very excited you will be in Boston!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Congrats on the new position. Sounds amazing!

LOVE the girls night out. How fun. You all look fabulous!

Jill said...

Congratulations on your new job. It sounds great. the minks! How fun.