Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Recap!

We saw The Bucket List and The Golden Compass on Friday night, after stopping by The Cottage Shop where I found this adorable wine rack, it may wind up being the project of the week, more on that later. We also grabbed a bite to eat at Joe Sensers, but I was not impressed, burger=bland and way too noisy for what I was looking for to wind down the week, but it could be good for a game and some wings and beers, just not what I was looking for Friday night.

I loved The Bucket List, so did the boy, his parents also saw it and loved it as well. Now I am hearing that it only got 1 1/2 stars and I heard on the radio this morning all sorts of people didn't like it. Oh well, to each their own I guess, I love Jack and I think Morgan Freeman is wonderful. I think it also teaches you to not take life for granted and live each day to the fullest. What in the world could be so awful about a movie with a plot like that?

I also LOVED The Golden Compass, the boy did not however. He has an issue with movies that give people animal characteristics. I just thought it was good and I am looking forward to the sequel. I also think that Libby did a fabulous job of imitating the hat! Very clever and what a great hat!

We did check out an estate sale Saturday morning which was fun. I got this great muff to match my new coat that I got for Christmas, just love that and I was able to wear it to the opening.

We also stopped by my parents so that I could check on a couple of things for my mom. Then it was Super Target, Trader Joes and home to get ready for the Opening night gala for the MacPhail Center. We had a great time and dinner at Sanctuary was wonderful, I will definitely be back, especially when the patio is open. They had a very interesting and diverse menu.

Sunday we were up early to get ready for brunch. The boy and I worked very well together to get things set up and food prepared for brunch.

My mom came early to help as well. The brunch was a huge success, it was the first time my dad's sisters and their husbands had been to my house so it was fun to entertain all of them (my dad is from a big family). I made three new brunch recipes, but really only favored two of the recipes, look for those tomorrow!

We wrapped up the weekend with cleanup from the party, the second to last Amazing Race and a pizza, I was BEAT, and could hardly keep my eyes open. . .

I am actually in the office today (a REAL office) getting some things ready for our project to implement and also getting ready to transition onto a new project (YEAH!) hopefully this one will be in a real office!

Lots going on this week, a wine club dinner tomorrow night, a work dinner Wednesday night, a wine tasting Thursday night, girls night Friday night at my house and a BYOB event for wine club at sister J's Saturday night. So needless to say I will need to be organized this week!

Hope you all had a great weekend, LOVED the pics from Kimba's engagement party, too fun! And congrats to both her Packers and Pats, what a lucky gal!


Libby said...

Jilly, you and Boy keep a seriously packed social schedule! And the muff, it's a perfect match for your coat. :)

a. said...

I saw Charlie Wilson's War and it was just ok. I want to see the Bucket List!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Jilly - how do you keep up the pace?? You amaze me!