Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Recap!

So I "think" I am finally feeling like myself again, although a nap everyday is still needed, but shouldn't we all have nap time?

We had a nice weekend, while taking it easy of course. Friday we stayed in and had a wonderful fire and the boy ordered pizza from a new place we had not tried yet. I tried one slice, not too bad and I am looking forward to going in and trying the place out, it looks so cozy and inviting when we drive by.

Movie night of course, so we watched a couple of Netflix DVD's. Transformers which we missed in the big theater, and I have to admit I am really bummed I didn't see that one on the big screen. Good action flick. We also watched Elizabeth. I want to see the second one which is still in a couple of select theaters, so this one was a must. It is your typical period movie, but pretty good. I was also paging through a bunch of my magazines, Country Living, Cottage Home, Country Home and BHG as well as some of my decorating books looking for ideas to inspire me for 2008. My Christmas decorations are all pretty much down and put away, so time to move on and I would like to do something new and different with my mantle.

Saturday we were off to an estate sale. Nothing too terribly exciting, but always fun, I will try to post some photos later today.

After, we went and looked at a couple of houses. The boy is getting the bug to rehab again, but with the market the way that it is right now, we are thinking it would have to be a live-in rehab and I don't know if that is something that I want to do. But it is a thought. We found one that we like, now it is just a matter of price and such.

We had plans to have dinner at my parents and I also set up a wireless router for them and a new printer/scanner/fax. So now my mom and dad each have their own office. It is nice for my mom because she is just going to be doing eBay going forward. She still has one occasional store, but I think she will give that one up soon too. They leave at the end of this month for AZ, and who knows when they will be back. I am going to miss them that is for sure.

After dinner the boy and I decided to head out and catch a couple of movies, PS I Love You. I pretty much cried through the entire thing. And have you seen it? I LOVE Hillary Swanks wardrobe throughout the ENTIRE movie! Even her loud colorful outfit was cute. It is a great movie though, and I am glad that the boy was able to get through a true chick flick. We also caught Charlie Wilson's War. I really liked the chemistry between Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, a great movie and I learned some things that I did not have a full understanding of before.

Sunday morning I went and picked up my mom for some shopping. My mom is a great shopper and I love going with her. She wanted to get some new things for their trip, we headed to the estate sale that the boy and I head been at and then we had some lunch at Convention Grill. Very good.

The boy worked on my dresser, I can't not wait for it to be done and in my bedroom. Look for picture this Thursday for my project of the week!

Sunday nights are typically spent with the boys mom and dad for dinner and some Amazing Race, it had been a while since we had done this with the holidays and such, so it was nice to get back to our routine.

Busy week here, but I am still going to be taking it easy, I am still not 100% and I know that but we are volunteering Tuesday evening with JLM, should be fun it is our first volunteering opportunity together and sisters J & S will be there as well.

Hope you all had a good weekend, we had a heatwave here and it hit 36 and is quickly melting our snow, which truth be told, makes it really gross and slushy out. I am actually hoping for fresh white snow this week!


RED said...

I have to admit, Transformers was great on the big screen. LOVe that movie. You are always on the go, girl. I am impressed! I am hoping for a quiet Friday coming up - I want to settle in with some movies. I feel like it's been too much going out recently, I need a quiet, and cheap night with the man. Glad to see you're feeling better!

Kate said...

Did you find any good links for Holly's outfits?? I looked at a few but they didn't give much info on the labels/designers