Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Recap!

The boy and I had a wonderful weekend starting with the Saints game Friday evening. It was a beautiful night and a great game, the Saints won!

We had some great food too! Grilled salmon with a mango chile salsa that was delicious, I made a Mediterranean pasta salad with asparagus, green beans and roasted red peppers, fresh cut up fruit, homemade snicker doodle cookies and cocktails of course! We all had a great time and even made it back to the car a little early for a spontaneous dance party!

Sunday the boy and I got his nieces graduation gift together and wrapped and headed to the party. It was really hot but a beautiful day. His brother in law just finished putting on a beautiful new deck adding about another 1200 sq feet to their already 6500 sq foot house. It is a really nice place, but out in the middle of nowhere. The flowers throughout the yard were just stunning! They have dogs, chickens, quail and one of their cats just had 6 of the most adorable kittens.

The boy and I had such a good time at the party, that we did not even realize how late it was, we had a bonfire with his nieces, nephew, sister and brother in law. Next thing we knew it was 3:00 am! I NEVER stay up that late. But we were having so much fun, I went to bed about 3 but the rest of the party turned in about 4:30 am! That was after more burgers got put on the grill! We really just enjoyed hanging out with them!

The boy and I had fun picking out his nieces graduation gift. She is very artistic and will be going to school for art. She is very gifted and talented. We decided to give her some things to keep her organized in her first year in college. This is what we came up with.

This is how I put it together.

Sunday started off slow, we of course stayed at the boys sisters house, and we slept much later than we normally do. We decided to spend the day getting caught up on some things around the house and getting some projects done. The boy trimmed out some hedges, I repotted some flowers that were getting too big for the pot and then I transformed these chairs.
They went from this.

To this.

And finally this!

They are going to be perfect on the deck now that it is finished and we picked up some new cushions for them a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to watching the sunset with a glass of wine and the boy tonight.

Busy week, tomorrow night a wine dinner, Wednesday a movie premiere, Thursday a wine tasting and Friday a going away HH for a friend moving to AZ. Somewhere in there we need to get to the grocery store and get packed so that we are ready to head out on Saturday for a whole week on the lake! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Libby said...

Spontaneous dance parties and nights that don't end until 3:00 AM, what a weekend of wild fun!!

I love the way you put together the graduation gift- I'm terrible at getting that sort of thing right.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. You are so talented, the chair looks fabulous! And, your salmon dish sounds so yummy!

tulipmom said...

The salmon sounds delicious .... flavored salsas and grilling go so well together. I love that the graduation gift is both chic and practical.

Julia said...

What a weekend! I have been busy over at Spark, thanks for the tip. Wish me luck.

RED said...

I'ts hard to keep up with you two! you are always going going going! Looks like a fabu weekend! Have fun at the lake house! Oh and love both the recipe and the present for Boy's niece, practical and fun, I'm sure she'll love it!