Thursday, May 10, 2007

Would you like to go for a Walk?

A couple of weeks back Meg, Kimberly and Libby all posted a photo montage, of their neighborhoods. I live in a fantastic old neighborhood in South Minneapolis. I have REALLY been enjoying this spring and have also gotten into a routine of going for a morning walk with my friend G around Lake Harriet. In order to get to the lake we have to walk two blocks from my house, through the gardens. . . here is our walk, care to join us?

We start off and quickly get to the sign for Lyndale Park with the beautiful tulips in full bloom.

As we start off down the path to the lake we go through a sanctuary garden where there are several rocks with words carved in them that say things like Adversaries, Speak, Connection, See. They make you think.

The trees are beautiful and in full bloom!

This one says Forgiveness, Inspire, Kindness, Courage. What a great way to start your day with words like this.

Integrity, Teach, Responsibility, Learn. As the school year come to a close around here, I think about how precious are teachers are to us.

Softness, Live, Compassion, Feel. Things we should have in our life every day.

Wholeness, Think, Simplicity, Be. These words start us off as we head around the lake and help get the motors turning.

There is also a meditation area which is beautiful and serene.

Spirit, Connect, Hearts, Free. You can see the sign for the Peace Garden and Bird Sanctuary in the background.

Minds, Widen, Ideas, Open. Can you imagine how wonderful to see these words every morning, knowing that these are the words that could change the way your day starts?

More of the meditation area. There are sometimes people there doing yoga.

Across from the Peace Garden is a beautiful rose garden, I can not wait for those to come into bloom, but for now we have tulips there.

As we reach the lake, the first thing we can see through the trees is the band shell. I cannot wait for concerts there this summer, they have one every night and you can bring a picnic down and have dinner.

There are also docks there that people keep their sailboats tied up to. No motor boats on this lake, sailing only.

We see a lot of wild life along the way, bunnies, chipmunks, birds, turtles, lot's of people walking dogs and squirrels. There were three turtles sunning themselves on this log.

But as I went to take the picture, this guy came along and scared all but the one away.

As we go along the path around the lake, we can see a pretty nice view of the skyline of Minneapolis.

We ran into these two along the way, they looked like they were enjoying one another's company.

There are two beaches on the lake, but the lifeguards aren't on duty yet.

As we make our way full circle around the lake, which is about a 5K, a little over that if you include the two blocks to my house, we come to another sign for the park with tulips in full bloom.

Thanks for taking my walk with me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do every day. It has been a wonderful way to start my morning and G is such wonderful company, who could ask for more?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I"m such an idiot when it comes to other parts of the US - I really should explore our country one day.

jillskict said...

Suz you are welcome here anytime! I have been working on my guest room all week, pictures of that to come next week, so at least you could see where you would have a place to lay your head.

tulipmom said...

Good for you for getting out and walking every morning. Great scenery!

Libby said...

Jilly, you live in such a pretty and serene neighborhood! Thank you for letting us walk along with you.

Meg said...

I did enjoy this, Jilly. What a beautiful tour!! Thank you!

Melissa said...

So lovely - thanks for the tour!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Such a pretty area! Thanks for the tour.