Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Recap

So the weekend was busy, but good.

Friday we went to see both Disturbia and Fracture. Both very good movies, but I have to admit I just love Anthony Hopkins so I liked Fracture a bit better. They both had pretty good story lines, but if you are going to see something I would see Fracture over Disturbia. The boy's parents saw Disturbia and liked it though, and there were a lot of younger kids in the theater so I would have to say it appealed to a wide audience. We had a dinner of popcorn, soda and candy which is always wonderful too. . . I think. . . .

We hit a great estate sale early Saturday morning not far from my house. It was a bachelor who was a WW II Marine Corp Artillery Officers home. He kept everything as neat as a pin and the house was very interesting. Nice builtins, a fireplace and a beautiful staircase. We picked up some fun items, the boy bought a nice bookcase from Ethan Allen, a set of WWII history books and some lawn items. I found a neat chair, a demi table and a stool, all of which are at the boys waiting to be painted. I also picked up a couple of items for my mom which were fun.

Later that day, we headed up to my mothers to go up to Lindstrom, MN to check out her new occasional shop with her. It was a cute little town and the shop was awesome, I thought about it later, but I really wish I would have taken a couple of photos because the house was awesome. A really cute little town. We bought dessert for Sunday night at a little Scandinavian bakery in town, that was fun to visit as well as the local DQ, gotta love a good blizzard!

After dropping off my mother and her friend the boy and I hit Joann Fabrics, for some material for a couple of chairs we are working on and found not only some great patterns but at a great price. My sister and I usually go in on shower gifts together, so after Joann we went over to Home Goods where I picked up a bunch of board books to go in with the baby shower gift. Then we were hungry of course, and we had been thinking about steak all day, so we went over to one of the local steak houses and had a very nice dinner. I was pretty tired Saturday night and could not even keep my eyes open until 10. I slept 10 hours Saturday night, so I guess I really needed it. I have not been feeling like myself for over a week, so maybe I just need to get more sleep on a regular basis. It did get up to 80 on Saturday, but it was VERY VERY windy.

Sunday the boy and I woke up and decided since it was such a nice morning that we would head out to Bunker Hills Park, which is within walking distance of his house, and go for a good long hike. It was really nice out in the morning and we were gone for almost two hours. I made a big breakfast when we got back and then got ready for the shower, which really turned into a shower. The skies got dark before I left to get my sister, niece and mother, so it was a Spring pants occasion. I was bummed that I didn't get to break out the Lilly, but on a stormy day it just didn't seem appropriate anyway. It was good to see my niece who is always so much fun and the shower was really nice. I have a very large family and most of the time I usually have to whisper to my sister or my mother, okay, now who is that or which cousin is that and who are they married to? The cousin who the shower was for is a year younger than me. She lives down in Kansas and she had the baby March 14th, I am glad they waited until after she had the baby to have the shower because it was nice to get to meet the little guy. She is one of 11 children and all of her sisters threw the shower and made the food which was very very good. The theme of the shower was monkey's as that is how the baby's room is decorated. One of my cousins made the cutest cupcakes with chocolate monkeys on top which she made herself doing the pattern free-hand. Everything was very good.

My sister and I ran in to Costco with my niece and I went with the tilapia over salmon this time. I am excited to try a new tilapia recipe tomorrow night, tonight is salmon. I do love Costco for all of their fresh produce and meat. I got the best blackberries which I just love.

The boy and I headed to his parents for dinner as usual last night. It was very good, we had talked about split pea soup the week before and she made a big pot of it which was delicious. We also had grilled chicken sandwiches to go with it, but we couldn't eat outside as it was still pouring. My girls are still in The Amazing Race and even came in first last night, us blonds have to stick together. When we left his parents house last night, the driveway was COVERED, and I do mean COVERED in worms. You had to tip-toe through them just to get to the car. Yuck. I don't mind worms, and I like to fish and will even bait my own hook, but this was just gross and you could even smell them. Yuck.

Next weekend we will hopefully be going up to the lake house and opening that up. Still waiting to see on the weather, it would be really nice to get away and have a change of scenery. Especially because it looks like the boy will be leaving June 3rd, that is the latest anyway, but stick around, things may change. Busy week, need to get the rest of my clothes taken care of, babysitting the niece and nephews Tuesday night and need to be at the boys Thursday night. This means that my commute this morning, Wednesday morning and Friday morning is over an hour. Yuck, oh well.


Unknown said...

You and your movies!!

You look gorgeous in that pic.


jillskict said...

I know the whole movie thing, my friend J thinks we are a little overboard with the movies as well. Oh well, I do enjoy it. There is something about the big screen I guess! ;) Thank you for the compliment, you are too sweet, I wish I would have gotten a better picture of my niece's little purse, it was a little blue stuffed dog that matched MY outfit! Of course when I told her this my sister told her not everything needs to match like that. I wish my sister would stop the brainwashing now ;) I told her that I had a pink and white polka dot bag that would go fab with her outfit!

Libby said...

A dinner of popcorn, soda and candy, Oh Jilly I like the way you're talking! And an adorable photo, by the way. Now, I have to ask, where in the heck do all those worms come from?

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Cute photo!

I love going to the movies but never get to them as much as I would like! Oh well, it's fun to hear your reviews!

Melissa said...

I went to see Fracture this weekend too. My dad wanted to go and I wasn't really expecting to like it but it was great!

k e r r y said...

Disturbia... can't do it.