Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rain rain go away!

I am not really sure if it is even fair for me to complain about this today with all of the people that got stranded in CO last night and all of the flight delays that will cause, but it is POURING here! We are supposed to get snow just in time for Christmas, but meanwhile it has been unseasonably warm, so it is POURING here at the moment and if this stuff freezes. . . boy will we be in trouble.

*UPDATE* It has now turned to snow and boy is it snowing!!!!!

The boy and I are due to check out the 8th floor at Dayton's, oops, I mean Marshall Field's, oops, I mean Macy's. I hate Macy's but I love the 8th floor. Every year during Christmas they do a special display that takes you back to when you were a kid, this year it is Mary Poppins and I cannot wait to see it. My parents have been taking my sister and I to see it every year since we were born. In the Spring they do a fabulous flower show which you can smell from everywhere! After we check that out we are headed to the Holidazzle parade, there is really no way to explain this, so I just put the link in there. It should be a nice evening, we are going to grab dinner or something and then back to my house for a fire and some gift wrapping. I have the best Lulu paper that I just love.

We saw the new Rocky movie last night and we all loved it. Check it out if you get the chance. I got my dad the anthology for Christmas and the boy just keeps talking and talking about seeing all of the old ones so I picked one up for him too.

I have my ta-da lists all set to go for the final days into the holidays. I am looking forward to it! I have a small list together for New Year's and will firm that up next week once we get through Christmas. Everything is coming together bit by bit anyway. This Saturday evening a very close friend of the boy's is coming for dinner. He does not have any family here and will be spending the holiday's alone (his choice he has invitations) and so we have some gifts and things for him so I thought I would make a nice dinner and have him over. Tomorrow night we are going to see "Night at the Museum" at the IMAX, I am really looking forward to that as well.

I better get a move on! Things to do of course. I hope that everyone in blogger world has a great Christmas weekend!!!!!!

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