Monday, January 03, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 1

Already a change here. . . .

Here is what this week is stacking up like! We have a ton of food in the arsenal for lunches. Chicken and Wild Rice soup (from my mom), Lasagna Soup, Mushroom Chowder, Lasagna. I think that is a pretty good lunch list. We also have clementine's, grapefruit, strawberries, grapes and yogurt for breakfast. We should be pretty set there. I also have a great assortment of assorted nuts and cut up vegetables for snacks.

Plans - Movie Screening of "Country Strong" in Roseville, I cannot WAIT to see this, I have already had the soundtrack for a couple of weeks. We will probably grab a bite to eat out. I am GOING to see this movie. I put in over 35 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I think I am due.Worked. So bummed that I missed this movie. . . .
Dinner -Hashbrown Egg Bake, I added asparagus that would have gone soft in a couple of days. This was excellent by the way, we LOVED it. It is also going to make a great breakfast treat the rest of the week!

Plans - Home, laundry, start putting away Christmas stuff. Worked
Dinner - Egg bake with asparagus and bacon or sausage and tomatoes (need to use stuff up) Spinach Chicken Pasta (Make enough chicken to use for Thursday)

Plans - Home, finish putting away Christmas stuff Worked, boy went to his house to pack stuff up
Dinner - Black Bean and ham soup with ham and cheese panini's Leftovers, but this is going to move to next week

Plans - More of the same from Tuesday and Wednesday Got passes to Country Strong and I am going! I want to see this SO BADLY! Out to eat, the movie theater we are going to has a great lounge. We shared a flat bread pizza, homemade crispy potato chips and onion dip. SO good.
Dinner -Penne Gorganzola with Grilled Chicken  Out to Eat

Plans - No plans yet. . . Sister J and Max came over after I had a long and very tough day at work.
Dinner - Diva Chicken (recipe to follow)  Town Talk Diner. We have a Groupon thing that needs to be used. Sister J brought some awesome appetizers which we munched on. Crispy baked kale that was SO good, mini spicy turkey burgers, mango with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella which was delicious and I made a Pillsbury appetizer.

Plans - Work on my office Worked and the boy went to his house to clean it out
Dinner - Slow roasted chipotle salmon with pineapple rice (I will post the recipe soon!) We were going to go to a wine event at a friends house, but I wasn't feeling very well. I had already made the appetizer which was Bacon Wrapped Scallops in a cream sauce so we had that for dinner, a few anyway, and the leftovers I am going to use to make a risotto out of tomorrow

Plans - Work on my office Took down tree and put away Christmas
Dinner - Bean with Bacon Soup (I will use this for lunches this week), Bacon and Scallop Risotto, I am going to try to use this recipe

For more meal plans and recipes, check out the orgjunkie.

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